Nice Start to Winter

So the winter solstice was yesterday, and what did we get to mark the occasion? An ice storm.  We got off quite lucky here… only 1cm (1/2 inch) of ice, but places north and east of here dealt with up to 52 hours of freezing rain, producing sheets of ice 5 cm (2 inches thick).  On the news they showed kids in ice skates playing hockey on the street!  Lots of power outages, and downed trees and limbs! Early in the day, I went out and snapped a few pics as the ice started piling up!







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2 Responses to Nice Start to Winter

  1. Lois M Ochs says:

    oh i remember the ice storms way back when I lived in NW Penna I know how much damage they could do. the best time was when there was a layer of snow on the ground then ice then more snow. we would go” sled ” riding on a piece of cardboard.not too easy to steer

  2. Mary Jane Mazur says:

    I was wondering when I saw the pics why the plants were standing upright – your icicle name was so appropriate. Toronto was really badly hit, people known to us in King City have been without power for 40 hrs. The amount of trees & shrubs damaged by ice is phenomenal. Lucky the tree in your neighbours yard as beautiful as it looks is still standing. Sorry to say, hum bug to winter.


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