I wonder if there will be any death?

coldOk, for my US friends these are Celsius temperatures, not Fahrenheit, but I don’t care how it converts its still cold! However, for a frame of reference -18C is about 0F. Yep, Niagara is in the midst of another Polar Vortex. This is cool name they giving these giant areas of cold air that whip down from the top of the planet! However, I do look at the bright side, I’m not somewhere in the mid west!

In the days of my greenhouse growing, I used to get all freaked out when the temps dipped down like this, fearing that my heater, that kept my greenhouse just above the freezing mark, would give out and my plants would perish in an icy, polar vortext kinda death! My sleep would be interrupted too, laying awake, getting up and checking the remote thermometer (before those, I’d go outside!).  I remember one fateful night many years ago, the night time temperature was -23C, coldest night of that year, and in the morning I went to check out the plants to find the greenhouse was at a balmy -18C… yep the heat went out!  everything was frozen solid.  To my surprise, I had the best flowering that spring that I’d had in years!  Yep they can take the cold.

So why am writing this post about fearing winter, when I’ve been preaching that outdoor growing is perfectly fine in cold places.  Well, its my friend Justin.  Was just texting back and forth with him, he was asking if I brought my seedings in for the winter… I confidently text back, “No, they’re planted in the bogs!”.  As I typed that, I felt that pang of fear that I used to feel years ago… are they going to die in the cold?

I really don’t think so, I think they’re just fine… however I can’t help but wonder… If I can’t sleep tonight Justin… its YOUR fault!

We’ll have to see what happens in the spring!


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5 Responses to I wonder if there will be any death?

  1. Justin says:

    Oh no I’ve ruined your night! I’m sure you’re right as ever and the cold won’t kill them.

    Here’s hoping for an early spring!

  2. Jay says:

    I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you! Got down to 3 degrees F. here this morning, after about 6 inches of snow yesterday and last night. The snow actually stayed on the roof of the greenhouse into today, acting (thankfully) as another layer of insulation. Didn’t go lower than 38 degrees there last night. I hated worrying about electric heaters in my old greenhouse. Finally putting my natural gas heater (with the non-electric thermostat) to a good test. Haven’t lost power yet during the winter in this house, but I’m sure we will. We’ve lost it during the summer for several days two years in a row :-/

  3. Mary Jane Mazur says:

    Fantastic! Loved the right up. All I can say is ” winter here is the pits” be it human or a plant. Let’s hope both survive the winter.


  4. Natch says:

    No end to the winter so far! I’m over in New Hampshire, and we’re getting plenty of winter, just like you.

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