The big reveal! “kinda”

OK… So here we are, March 30th!  As everyone here who reads this knows by now, its been an awful winter here… officially the coldest in more than 20 years according to Environment Canada…  Not only has it been cold… it has been long… the cold settled in earlier than normal… and has been hanging around longer than normal.  Not to mention, its been snowier than normal too! Which, in a way is not a bad thing, when its -23C (-10F) as it has been a few times at night this winter, the thick snow keeps that plants at a comparably warm and comfy 0C (32F).

Anyway not that I’m plugging my birthday, but because today is my birthday, I seem to pay particular attention to what the spring is like every year on this day.  On an “early spring” year, the daffodils are blooming on my Birthday, on an average season, they are about a week away from blooming… this year, they are just sticking out of the ground. No blooming anytime soon… so suffice it say, we are WAY behind!

Speaking of my birthday, this morning I got my birthday gift from good ol’ Mother Nature!  I woke up to 8 cms (4 inches ish) of heavy wet snow!  It can happen in the early spring here (as my mother loves to point out, “It can snow on your birthday you know” – thanks Mom), and this year it did! Granted it got nice and sunny and mild this afternoon, so almost all of it has melted away (I wasn’t planning on shoveling it anyway!), but none the less, it did snow!

Figuring that snow could only mean a cold week ahead, I checked the forecast to see what other gifts I was in for this week.  I was pleasantly surprised, over night its going to turn into real Spring.  The 10 Day forecast has temps between 8-16C this week and no nights below freezing! That kind of forecast can only mean one thing!!!!  It’s time to uncover the bogs…. well, kinda!

Usually when I pull off the pine needles, I remove them in two stages. I remove the bulk of them first but leave some behind… I really don’t think there is any reason why other than it makes me feel better and more secure about my plants welfare! If we get some really cold nights again, that thin layer isn’t really going to do much, but I guess some protection is better than none who knows!  I’m pretty sure though, that by next weekend, I will have cleaned the rest off.

Below are a couple of photos taken a year apart, the second from last March 30th and this first one from today.  A couple things you will notice, it was much nicer last March 30th, bog were cleaned and tidy looking.  The other difference, is that this winter, I left all the leaves attached!  We’ll see what sort of impact that has on their growth this spring… Did I say growth! Ya, looks like the plants are all alive and well!!! I even found a clump of seedlings that I dumped in there last year and they look fine too!  Granted… I won’t know for sure until I start to see leaves and flowers growing… but so far all the plants look green and fresh!

March 2014



March 2013lastyear



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4 Responses to The big reveal! “kinda”

  1. Mary Jane Mazur says:

    It is amazing what can happen from one year to the next (I wouldn’t think of rubbing it in, no, not me) however, I must say the plants look pretty good after the winter we had. Hopefully if we stay above zero, your plants will stand a good chance of survival. Looking forward to when the Venus Fly Traps are in bloom ( hint, hint). Happy Birthday!!!!!! I wonder what kind of weather we will have on this date next year?


  2. coldzerocp0 says:

    Happy Birthday 😀
    Aside from that.
    all I can say after seeing those pictures is…
    …”Is that even your bog this year?”

    Hope the year treats you well now

  3. Lois M. Ochs says:

    Happy belated BD
    anxious to see how the plants turn out without their haircut

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