So… we’re about three weeks behind schedule!

Happy April 30th!!!!  I really don’t have much to talk about.  Things are really slow starting this year.  On the bright side, they are alive and well.

I went outside yesterday to see how the ol’ plants are doing… and lookie what I found… FLOWERS… well actually flower buds.  Looking at photos from last year at this time, I estimate we’re two to three weeks behind… and its cold, damp and rainy now… no real warm temps in the forecast… so I’m not expecting any serious growth anytime soon.


Amazingly, I’m pretty sure everything survived… but like I said, I won’t be able to tell for sure for a few more weeks… but things are looking promising. There may be some death… but so far its been squirrel induced!  But I’m going on that rant this year LOL!

One thing I was really concerned about this winter were my Flytraps.  They are in an elevated bog, allowing the cold in from the sides … yet everything there looks great!!! and the the new growth is starting! I also found a few VFT seedlings in the other bogs alive and well.  My official verdict on these plants are that they are IRON HARDY.  However, I’m going to add that in my estimation, they did as well as they did because they had a good consistent cover of snow.  There were a few occasions where they snow melted and it got cold, but most of the time they were buried in snow.  Snow is a great insulator.


These are my DCXL plants.  These are 1 year out of TC… amazing!  I can’t wait to see how they do this year. I’m thinking they are going to be a winner!



Here is a photo of leaf burn on many of the plants.  They do look a bit better than they did when I first uncovered them!  I took a pair of scissors and cleaned them up a bit!


And for good measure, here are a few filiformis plants coming out of dormancy.fili

I’m looking forward to my 2014 growing season!    Oh… If anyone out there is growing their plants outdoors (in cold places) and want to share photos of their bogs, please send them to me… I’d love to post them here and share them with other grower.


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4 Responses to So… we’re about three weeks behind schedule!

  1. Natch Greyes says:

    Carl, I live in New Hampshire. Like you, I’m not seeing my plants do a whole heck of a lot this year. Seems like they’re gonna take a while to get going. I didn’t overwinter my plants outside, as that would be a bit difficult in my apartment complex, but I do have them out in the spring, summer, and fall. I did have some losses over winter, unfortunately, but I’m also hopeful as I’m seeing some growth starting.

  2. Mary Jane Mazur says:

    It’s nice to see that he VFTs are doing well. I have been worried as to how the plants in General would do due to extreme cold we had, now with all this rain I was concerned the roots might rot. Happy to see the plans are doing ok. Looking forward to the upcoming blogs, hopefully there will be a turn in the weather & the plants will begin to flourish.


  3. Joseph Recchia says:

    Hi Carl, I have been subscribing to your Blog for the past few years now and the tips and experience you provide have helped me out immensely. I live in Central New Jersey and grow all of my plants outside year round with the exception of some Nepenthes I bring inside for the winter. All of the plants (with the exception of the Nepenthes) are grown in a bog next to my pond. The liner for the bog is actually the same liner for the pond just stretched over a mound of dirt to form a barrier. The Bog is a little over three feet deep so I seldom have to water it but just incase I collect some water in a rain barrel connected to my gutters. The plants are growing in a 50/50 peat sand mix and by this point some decomposed pine litter. Every November I cover the bog in pine needles collected from the trees behind my yard and every April I uncover them. I started with a few plants from Lowes Gardening center but Eventually came across some very reputable online nurseries. I’ve tried growing different sundews and butterworts but I never seem to have any long term success with them. I’ve had Drosera Capensis come back up but it looks like no such luck this year. I seem to have the best luck with Sarracenia and fly traps which always come back year after year but the the fly traps are starting to get choked out by the sarracenia and cranberry vines. I admit that I am horrible with names and keeping records so I’m not sure what sarracenia I have in there and by this point I’m sure there are a lot of hybrids. Well… I hope you have enjoyed my bog. If you have any questions let me know. And thanks again for the Blog. Joe.

    Date: Wed, 30 Apr 2014 23:26:27 +0000 To:

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