And They’re Off!

coverHere we are… June 5th and my Sarracenia are in the middle of their Spring flowering. I’m going to say that I’m about 2 weeks behind “normal” (what ever that is), but the gap in the season seems to be closing fairly rapidly. Although it was a VERY slow start, the last half and May and so far into June its been warm, and even a little above average!  For the purposed of this post, I’m going to randomly scatter photographs of my plants in flower.  If there is something noteworthy, I will make mention of it.



So now I’m assessing the losses from the winter.  I have a lost a few Sarracenia… as mentioned previously, due to frost heave.  A number of them that I thought were dead are coming back… lesson to be learned… if you think they’re dead, leave them put at least until now and maybe longer!  Regardless, these plants that I thought were dead have been really set back. Hopefully after a good growing season, they will fully recover.

Speaking of losses… I’ve mentioned here that I’ve been successfully growing Drosera binata forms from year to year.  They get frozen to the ground each winter, however they come back from the roots faithfully. Well… this year, I think winter was too much for them.  I’m not 100% sure they are dead… but its not looking promising!

My Florida filiformis plants also did not make it!  However, there are about 2 million little red filiformis seedlings growing, so on bad winters like this one, I might have to consider them annuals!

Now oddly, many baby flytraps survived the winter just fine… these were plants that germinated last year.





I had a pleasant surprise this spring.  I southern draw iris, Iris verna (I think) flowered for the first time.  Very tiny little thing, the flower is only 2-3 inches off the ground.


Below is a photo of S. x “copper vase” in flower.  Not only are its pitchers impressive, but the flowers are large and have great color





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4 Responses to And They’re Off!

  1. Jay says:

    I still can’t get my Iris to flower. Maybe I should freeze it :-).

  2. Michael says:

    I love this site & blog it’s so incouraging !! & gives me confidence !!:)

  3. Mary Jane Mazur says:

    The Iris is absolutely beautiful, my first time seeing it. If all your plants could bloom at the same time, the sea of color, the yellow, purple, reds & copper would be extrodanaire. Truly amazing.


  4. Carol Mazur says:

    The blossoms with their beautiful colours seem to be exceptional this year. Maybe the stress of winter made them special.

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