I’m seeing RED!

As you all may have read in one of my earlier posts, the neighbor behind us cut down the three tress that were blocking out my southern sun exposure (like the northern exposure you folks on the opposite side of the globe!).  The trees have been a real issue… not only did they block a lot of my sun, they also dumped all their leaves in MY yard in the fall. Amazing how it takes me a whole Saturday to clean up the leaves in my back yard and I have no trees!!!  Anyway, I digress!

While it was sad to see these beautiful trees cut down, it was an absolute joy to know that my plants were going to get more sun!!!! An the difference is noticeable.   Below are a selection of plants that need good light in order color up… Granted they are not at their fullest color yet… but are well on their way.

Green Dragon VFT



Sarracenia flava var cuprea – yep it actually has a colored lid!!



Sarracenia flava var atropurpurea CV. Waccamaw – crappy photo and a deformed leaf, but the color is awesome… better than last year Julian!


Then another atro… this one is the Blackwater all red. Every year previous to this one it looked like an ornata!


Not sure where this atropurpurea is from… but its coloring up nice too!


Another S. flava var cuprea!  This one is from South Carolina.


Finally the coolest flava x purpurea hybrid.  This is the Blackwater atropurpurea crossed with an all red purpurea venosa from North Carolina!




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3 Responses to I’m seeing RED!

  1. Julian says:

    Great stuff Carl. I remember you wanting those trees gone for years and here’s the proof you were right on. It is terrific to follow both the growing season and the off-season at your place. The way you manage outdoor Sarracenia and VFT health in climatic conditions most would recoil from as unsuitable is both fascinating and invaluable in expanding knowledge of the capacity of these genera to adapt to what on paper would appear to be an outlandish situation. Bet you’re looking forward to the reds intensifying as the sun continues to now be able to lay down measured strokes on your collection. More solar power to you!!

  2. Mary Jane Mazur says:

    They are so beautiful & vibrant in their color. The Green dragon caught my eye, is this the same one I have?


  3. Devon says:

    Beautiful collection, glad they can get some serious sun now. Your colorful flavas are particularly nice.

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