Where there was one… there are now many!

So the big theme this season has been the “coldest winter in 20 years” and the effects that it has had on my outdoor Sarracenia culture.  The gist has been that the plants have been relatively unscathed. A true testament to the fact that these plants are much hardier than people give them credit for.

As I mentioned previously, there were a few losses due to frost heave.  As things started growing this spring, I looked to me that there were maybe 20 or so plants that were either dead, or on the way out!  However, after leaving them alone, they’ve since come back… albeit stunted by none the less, they’re “back from the dead”.

So the other day, I was dividing up some plants for people.  One person in particular wanted a Sarracenia flava rubricopora. I wan’t too keen on dividing it as it was one of the “near death” experience plants that I mentioned in my last post.  Upon inspection, I noticed it had a tremendous amount of growth points! all new from this season.  This plant last year at best had 2 or 3 crowns and those two or three old growth points were dead!

I looked at the albino alata next door to it… it too was believed to be dead.  A closer look at that plant has revealed a mass of new growth points as well.  My guess is that the near death experience caused these plants put up all sorts of new shoots to ensure survival.  If you look at the alata below, it is a mess of new growth… this plant was lucky to have had 3 – 5 active growing points last season.



This AF leuco below also has a massive flush of new grow points. Like I said, stunted… but growing.  Assuming a better winter, this should be a large multi crowned plant next season.

leucoI looked around at number of the plants that I thought were dead or were going to die, and the same pattern has held. It looks like the original growing points have died and the plant is sending up a whole pile of new growth points!

So I guess that there is a positive to the nasty winter after all.




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2 Responses to Where there was one… there are now many!

  1. Mary Jane Mazur says:

    Who would have thought, I would have expected many losses. Good to hear that all is not lost.


  2. Mike Wang says:

    That AF alata looks spectacular!

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