A little unusual for this time of year!

So I’m trying something a bit different this year.  I have a pile of seed sitting in my fridge that I was planning on planting this spring but never got around to it.  So I thought to myself, what if I germinate them outside this summer and bring them in and grow them over the winter? That way they’ll be a bit bigger when I put them outside.  Granted, I put spring germinated seedling outside last fall before the winter from hell and they all came through just fine!!!  Anyway… here’s what I’m doing

Everyone has their way of germinating Sarracenia.  I’ve always used blended up dry long fibre sphagnum… but since I didn’t have any of that around this time… I used the usual mix of peat and sand that I’d use for adult plants.

I put my media into the pot and sprinkled the seeds.  Stuck in a pot tag,  sprayed it with an anti-fungal, put them in a zippy bag, and stuck them in the fridge for 4 weeks.

This is the what they looked like after their stay in the fridge.


Sorry for the blurry photo…

Then I took the pots out of the bags and dropped them into a plastic cup.  Prior to dropping the pot in, I drilled a few holes in the sides of the cup about a cm from bottom.  Then I snapped on the lids.  I’m going to stick these out in the sun and see how it goes.  Normally, I’d put the zippy bags and pots under lights and germinate them. Here’s a photo of the cups all ready to go.  Only thing I’ll do when I take them outside is fill the bottoms with rain water and give the surface a spray of fungicide again!



I’ll update on the progress!


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2 Responses to A little unusual for this time of year!

  1. Mary Jane Mazur says:

    Sounds feasible. Good chance of working out, look forward to see how they are doing.


  2. Lois says:

    Looks like trying new procedurs for germinating these seed is part of the addiction.. Wish you all the luck and cooperation of Mother Nature

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