The BEST time of year! Well at least for most Sarracenia that is.


I always love the start of September… actually who am I kidding… as a teacher that means the summer holiday is over and its back to work! Seriously… September is a great month for Sarraceniaphiles like myself.  Many Sarracenia species produce their best foliage in the autumn!

As a rule of thumb, flava and oreophila produce their best pitchers in the spring/early summer.  Plants like minor and purpurea and rubra ssp rubra are pretty consistent the whole season. Species like leucophylla, psittacina, rubra alabamensis, rubra gulfensis, rubra wherryii and alata put their finest up in the fall.  Not to mention, hybrids made with these species tend to look better in the fall as well. So while the oreos are crispy and the flavas look worn, many of these fall pitchering species are looking their best!

Here is a leuco x rubra wherryii


Here is what’s left of my favorite red catesbaei.  Doesn’t grow much different from spring to fall actually, I just like it… so I posted another photo!


The difference between this plant in the spring and in the fall is crazy different.  This is a leuco x psittacina.  By far, the best, most robust leaves are produced in the fall. I hacked this guy up this summer, so he’s not looking his best.


This is hybrid made by my long time friend John Hummer.  Not sure of the parentage off hand, but its really gone crazy the last week or so…


This leuco x purpurea not only has great color, but amazing leaves in the fall.


I’m not sure of the parentage of this puppy either… I’m thinking its a minor x leuco.  Regardless, you can see the little, less robust spring pitchers in contrast with the larger more robust fall leaves.





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6 Responses to The BEST time of year! Well at least for most Sarracenia that is.

  1. Mary Jane Mazur says:

    I am truly amazed at their beauty & how healthy they look especially after our crummy winter & not so nice summer.


  2. Michael says:

    Thank you Carl for the new post’s we missed you !! Hope you enjoyed your travels 🙂

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