Looks like Summer in the Fall is coming to and END!

Greetings fellow Sarraceniaphile’s.  Kinda got inspired today write a little something.  For those not living around the Great Lakes,  I can tell you that summer has been a poor to pathetic showing this year!  It came late, was below normal to downright chilly most of the time, not to mention quite cloudy!  Just DRAB to say the least.

Well September and early October have proven to be down right awesome weather-wise… and guess what … the Sarracenia are loving it!

Sarracenia are interesting as some species pitcher the best in the spring, while pitcher their best leaves in the fall, while other’s are pretty consistent all season.  Many species will just keep on pitchering until the frost gets them… well so far, no frosts here in my part of Zone6B but it won’t be long.  So longer the warm sunny weather holds out, the longer these beauties will keep on pitchering!

So… what’s with the title of the post? Well that last couple of weeks have been unseasonably warm in these parts… mid to high 20’s C (70-80 ish F) and there has been very little rain, lots of sun and generally mild nights between 10-16C (50 and 60F).  Kinda like summer in fall! Well tomorrow a cold front is going to sweep through, rain and thunderstorms! This will cause temps to drop from a high of 25C tomorrow to about 14C the next day and only up to 11C the day after. Granted we’ll be back into seasonable temps shortly there after, but its a big change, and we likely won’t see these kind of temps until mid Spring.

With that said, I figured I’d take a bunch of photos and just post them… not to really show anything in particular, but rather just to show how beautiful these plants are looking right now and how happy they have been with the warm weather!




















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3 Responses to Looks like Summer in the Fall is coming to and END!

  1. Michael says:

    Yup ! Yup ! Yup ! Looking good, so many colours 🙂 it never gets old, good refrance for next years picks !!

  2. Mary Jane Mazur says:

    The plants are absolutely looking their best.. It’s has been a strange summer this year & to see how well they have survived & flourish is wonderful. Hopefully next spring & summer will be better than the last.


  3. Aaron Putnam says:

    Carl: Your plants look fantastic! Thank you for sharing the beautiful photographs.

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