From Cold to Warm to Hot


Two mornings ago, we started off with FROST! Yep FIRST frost of the season… at least that made it to the ground in patches.  The temperature didn’t drop below freezing but it was a COLD start to the day.  It’s been getting warmer every since.

Here it is… Thanksgiving Day in Canada (yes I know its different from the US Thanksgiving Day! Happy Columbus Day to my US friends)  We just finished two days of Marathon Eating and I’m sitting on the back patio with my wife enjoying an espresso! And yes, I’m wearing a short sleeved shirt and shorts!  Why! Causes it warm, we topped out at 21C (70F) today… normal high is around 16C (61F).

But yet it is to get warmer! Look at tomorrow! 27C (81F) … that might be a new record!


This is all great news for my Sarracenia cause they just keep pitchering.  The flytraps have pretty much stopped growing, the drosera have made hybernacula, but the Sarracenia just keep on going!

There has been rumblings that this winter is not going to be as harsh as last years!  I’m really hoping that’s the case…   The plants made an AMAZING recovery this season.


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One Response to From Cold to Warm to Hot

  1. Mary Jane Mazur says:

    Nice touch with your pic. We hope your right about this winter, be great for the plants. After surviving last winter, they should do well this winter hopefully.


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