It’s Still Nice !

So here we are, nearing the end of October.  No real hard frosts and none forecast anytime soon.  My Sarracenia are still sending up new pitchers and looking better this fall then I can remember in recent times.  So far today we’ve reached 16C (61F) and it might even hit 21C (70F) by early next week.  Certainly above normal temps for this time of the year.

I just came in from drinking an espresso, sitting on the back patio (in my shorts). While I was out there I was enjoying my plants and realized that I had learned a few things this growing season.

First, the most important thing for strong healthy Sarracenia is light… the more the better. I knew that but seeing is believing. I’ve always thought my plants have looked great… but I can’t believe how much stronger and more robust my plants are this fall, given the crappy start this spring after a brutal winter. The pitcher are larger and a lot more colorful.  So if you’re growing your Sarracenia outdoors… the sunniest place you can find is the best.

Second, these plant are hardier than I even thought!  I’ve been growing ALL my Sarracenia outdoors now since I started this blog!  I’d have to check, four years maybe.  I’ve always known these plants could take the cold, but they were crushed this past winter. However, many that at thought had died were are actually fine!  Its fair to say that some plants were seriously set back, but since have made a full recovery!  I know a couple of plants that I threw in composter this spring were likely alive and well… just very set back.  So I learned, if you question the health of a plant, wait until early summer before you dig it up and compost it.. the plants may be regrowing a root system and re-establishing!

Finally, I traditionally post a particular photo at the end of the season.  Gentiana autumnalis.  I was worried that given the slow start to our season this year, this plant wouldn’t get a chance to flower.  It is literally the last flower I see before winter sets in.  Its a beautiful blue!  They actually started blooming a week ago, but are in full flower now, and will continue this way until we get hard frost.


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5 Responses to It’s Still Nice !

  1. Michael says:

    Nice colour of blue, could you imagine a Sarr with that colour of blue on it, cool thanks for sharing Carl. 🙂

  2. Bill says:

    Nice fall picture! My mini bog is winding down… still have a few healthy pitchers, but all of my drosera have gone dormant. Hopefully winter won’t be too crazy! (zone 7a here)

    • Carl Mazur says:

      I’m with you… I’m hoping for a better winter… but last look at the weather channel isn’t looking good!

  3. Mary Jane Mazur says:

    Love your input. The beautiful “blue” color of the flower is absolutely stunning. First time I have seen it.


  4. Carol Mazur says:

    Great picture Carl. Beautiful combination of colours. Of course I’m partial to blue.

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