Still hanging in there! At least some of them.

Here we are into November… we’ve only had one “actual freeze” where the temperature fell below the 0C (32F) and that was enough to bring the season pretty to an end.  But what a great season it was.  As I must have said 100 times by now, that added amount of sunlight made such a difference to the growth and color.  Not that they didn’t look good before, they did!!! But this years, they looked awesome!

Here are few pictures taken today.  Many have the pitchers are showing freeze damage, yet others are still looking pretty nice.


The gentiana autumnalis is still blooming thought!

20141106_151759   20141106_152135  20141106_152204  20141106_152337


The plant on the left is one of my “experiments”.  One parent was an AF courtii (psit x purpurea) and the other was an AF mitchelianna (purp x leuco). The hope was to get a purpy looking thing, which it is, but with a lot more white in the upper pitchers!  Maybe I’ll move it to a more open area next season and see how it does.


20141106_152301 20141106_152153


The leucophylla is still looking good, and this little “pinkish” mitcheliana is still hangin in there.


20141106_152035 20141106_151830


It time to start thinking about getting the ‘ol bogs ready for winter!  I will likely be tackling that in the next little while… my hope is to have them all prepared and ready to covered with pine needles by the end of the month.


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3 Responses to Still hanging in there! At least some of them.

  1. Julian says:

    Carl, your collection looks terrific. Sure can tell you’ve had a great season when it looks like this at the end of it. I’ve turned a number of people wanting to grow Sarras outside in cold climates on to your blog. I know they’ve been pretty inspired and gained a lot of knowledge from your techniques.

  2. Mary Jane Mazur says:

    Amazing, they really still look good. Severe temp drop this weekend, you may have to start rounding up the pine needles soon. Great year for your plants, the extra light sure did help.


  3. Michael says:

    I’m so happy, I know someone like you, so We all now have 4 months to figure what to add to our collections Eh !! I can’t wait to get my garden as big as yours !!! Thanks for the update Carl !!

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