Greetings from Zone6B! My first post of 2015

I’ve been thinking about posting for a while now.  But in all honestly, there hasn’t really been much to say! My bogs are buried under 50-70cms (a couple feet) of snow! I can tell you this though, its been a hell of a winter here! And I thought it couldn’t be worse than last year! WRONG!

We have just come out of a record setting February.  Not the good kind, where the weather guy tells you its been the mildest February ever… the bad kind, the one where the weather guy says “this has been the coldest February EVER recorded in Niagara since Environment Canada started keeping records way back in the 1800’s”.  There were points where Niagara Falls was almost frozen solid, and we’ve either matched or came very close to record ice cover on the Great Lakes. So ya, February sucked! Not only that… January was bitter cold as well. The sad part…  Alaska was warmer than we were most of the winter!

So what’s with the map.  Well, for the first time since November, its showing we are probably going to experience temperatures above the seasonal averages here for the next two weeks.  What is seasonal in early March, 5C (40F) ish.  All I can say is bring it on, that’s going to feel like being in tropics compared to what I’ve been through these last couple of months

Hopefully it will melt ALL the snow we have… February has been a snowy month, and its been so cold that it just kept piling up, no melts at all.  That’s good news for my outdoor bogs, they were good and covered keeping them comfortable through or record setting cold.

That said, January was very cold too, the difference, NO snow cover. So its going to be interesting to see how the Sarracenia have been affected – or not.  Since I’ve been growing my Sarracenia outdoors, they have for the most part, been covered with snow for the coldest parts of our winter in January and February.  So being exposed for January should prove interesting (and hopefully not catastrophic).

As I mentioned in one my late season posst in 2014, I’m planning on changing the soil in at least 1 or maybe 2 of my bogs this spring.   I’m doing this because, like a potted plant, soil changes are required to maintain plant health.  It is a huge undertaking… but necessary… and slightly overdue. This will be the first soil change, since I built these bogs.  Don’t remember off hand when that was, 3-4 years ago I think.   I will certainly be posting progress pics as I go.  This will also give me an opportunity to inventory what I have as well as clean and divide the plants ( and sell off extras).  Many Sarracenia seem to loose vigor when they get too “clumped”, so dividing every few years is a good thing to do to maintain their health.

So… welcome to the 2015 season, I hope that the past and future posts here help inspire other growers, new and seasoned, to make the leap to the rewards of outdoor cultivation in cold climates!


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5 Responses to Greetings from Zone6B! My first post of 2015

  1. Michael says:

    Lol, iv been watching the weather closely !! Can’t wait to see life 🙂 this spring !!

  2. Mary Jane Mazur says:

    Loved your post. After February’s cold spell it truly will be a miracle if most of the plants survive. I can’t wait to see the first posting of Zone 6 b this Spring as to how all the plants are doing. I am going to think “POSITIVE”.


  3. Lois M. Ochs says:

    Welcome back. and Happy New Year.
    Could send some of that wetness out here.
    lookng foirward to your further posts and progress in rebuiding your bogs.

  4. Don Gray says:

    Send some of that refrigeration this way Carl….Wev’e had a very hot dry summer and fir the first time ever, I had to buy water for my water tank at the farm……Mid March now and still hot….the auckland ‘winter’ doesn’t start until mid June and stays around for about 8 weeks…..The longest 8 weeks of the year!

  5. Don Gray says:

    And please excuse the typo’s

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