A little nostalgia

The first place that I’d ever seen Carnivores in the wild was in a bog near Puslinch Ontario. Not too far from me… maybe an hour drive or so.  The bog had a healthy population and Sarracenia purpurea, bog orchrids and scattered Drosera rotundifolia and likely some Utricularia species… though I can’t be certain.  I was 10 years old or so when my father took me up there for the first time. I don’t quite remember how we found out about it… I think a friend of my Dad.  Regardless,  I will always remember seeing and touching the leaves of S. purpurea for the first time… marvelling at their texture and the fact that this was a carnivorous plant!

It was a beautiful location, open and sunny.  Over the years, I took the odd trip back there… and one year I collected some seed and grew out some plants as well as shared the seed in the CP community… so if you have Sarracenia purpurea from Puslinch, Creiff bog, or maybe even labeled Wellington Co. Ontario, they are likely from those seeds!

I haven’t seen that bog in a long time… in fact, I think the last time I was there was a time when I was being interviewed on location, as part of cutaway sequence to be used on TV show I was on that did a feature on growing Carnivorous Plants… I’m thinking that was in the early 2000’s. I remember then, noting that the Sarracenia population was in decline and the bog was becoming overgrown.

I found myself driving very close to that location last week, and figure for old time’s sake, I’d take a slight detour and visit.  I didn’t have time to explore to see if there were still plants there… but if there are, they are likely very scattered now and not in the best of shape.  I did however take a picture of the bog as its seen today.  I wish I had photos from my child hood to post in comparison but I don’t, suffice it to say, I was taken aback by how much it has grown over, even since my last visit 15 years ago.


Standing at this same point 40 years ago, you would see the stream, and no trees on the left or right…


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5 Responses to A little nostalgia

  1. Michael says:

    Hi Carl, is that natural growth Being that those a pine trees or abnormal growth, because the bog / stream is drying up ?

    • Carl Mazur says:

      It just natural succession. The stream is still the same as it was pretty much… everything is just growing in from the edges.

  2. Mary Jane Mazur says:

    What beautiful memories of what was – but especially the beautiful gift it gave to you, your love for these plants & you carry on with your bogs. Kudos to you.


  3. Lois M. Ochs says:

    Thanx for this trip down memory lane. and the pix

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