A taste of summer!


May 12, 2015…the first flowers are starting to open.  Sarracenia flava are always the first!

Now after all the complaining about how “set back” we were because of the cold winter… I’m going to hazzard a guess that if looked back over my posts… I’m pretty much on time now as far as spring goes… or … maybe even a bit ahead of “normal”!  What happened?  A taste of summer!

The last week in particular has been VERY warm here, setting new records in the past few days.  We’ve been seeing temperatures in the high 20’s, low 30’s C (83-90F)…unreal for this time of year.  We went from looking like early spring a week ago, spring flowers, leaves cracking on the trees, to almost fully leafed out and looking pretty much like summer!  However, that has been here in Niagara Falls, away from the Lakes.  If you find us on a map, we are away from Lake Ontario, and Lake Erie… places along the lakes didn’t enjoy the same heat!  for instance, at my home on Sunday late afternoon, it was 27C (81F), we drove out to Niagara on the Lake so the kids could walk around on the beach and skip rocks in the water… it didn’t last long!  The temperature there was 15C (59F). Amazing how the lakes have such an influence…

But alas, the warmth was short lived!  A cold front, with storms came through last night, dropping temperatures to below normal for today and the next day or two… but it was a great prelude to things to come! Looking forward to Summer!


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2 Responses to A taste of summer!

  1. Michael says:

    Yup, feels like fall !! after the past few days of heat we’ve had

  2. Mary Jane Mazur says:

    With the weather being up & down I was so happy to see that beautiful bright yellow flower – it’s the beginning of what’s to come.


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