It’s Time for a Change

THIS IS NOT A NEW POST! I just reposted it as a blog entry! Somehow I posted it as a new a page that showed up on my site! Not sure how to move it, so I just copied and reposted! – Sorry

Ok…Well I’m officially a “BAD BLOGGER”. I can’t remember how longs its been since I posted anything… I’m pretty sure its been over a month. My spring flowering show was beautiful as always and there were no losses of Sarracenia… considering the super cold winter… that’s great news. Some plants were set back, especially purpurea var burkii (S. rosea) and my leuco’s, but they are all coming back. As you can see things are growing strong!


As I mentioned, this is the year that I’m going to change the soil. It is going to be a huge undertaking, but it needs to be done. Since I will have all the plants removed, it will be good time to divide, thin out and clean the plants before they replanted.

I’m planning on tackling one bog at a time and will document each step of the way. I’m hoping to start tomorrow, but they are calling for storms, so I’m not sure if the weather is planning on cooperating… in the meantime, I’ve got my supplies. I also picked up a pile of plastic bags and pot tags.


I’ve got 6-100 pound bags of silica sand and 6 bales of peat moss. Not sure how much I need to do this job, but I should have enough to do hopefully two bogs with what I’ve purchased already. I’m not planning on replacing all the soil, but rather removing the top 15 or so cms (6 inches) and mixing in new peat to refill the bog garden…but more on that as the project progresses.


Hopefully tomorrow I will get started.


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