Another Guest Bog!

So I visited a friend and a fellow Niagara Falls Sarracenia grower the other day to see his bog garden… As you can see in the photos, its quite large and uses the same contruction method I used pretty much.  You can see the drains that are installed to remove excess water after heavy rains.

Although he had some plants in there, he needed many more to fill it up, so after visiting my plants sale this summer, he has offically a full bog garden… This is going to look amazing in the years to come.  He has also muched it, as did this year.  I’m hoping this significantly reduce the weeding.


Here is another view


His back yard is very nicely landscaped and boasts a beautiful water feature, a natural place to add a bog garden.  He plans to build another bog in a different location in his yard.



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2 Responses to Another Guest Bog!

  1. Mary Jane Mazur says:

    Very nice to see someone close by shares your love & interest for these beautiful plants


  2. Michael says:

    Pretty nice I must say, to bad I’m not able to put an in ground bog yet ! But hopefully time will tell 🙂 great job !!

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