Before… After!

Well its been a while since I’ve posted anything here.  Sorry for that!

My bog “repotting” was a success!  After many hours of work, I was able to replace the top 12 or so centimeters of media and mix the new stuff in with some of deeper soil.  Each plant (clump) was removed, divided and a portion of it replanted.  Many thanks to all the people who purchased up most of my extras!  I hope they all found good homes and do well for you.  The best thing! This will last me for another four or so years!!!

Here is what the first bog looked like before…


And here is the same bog after the replant.  Its been a slow recovery, but all in all everything is looking good.  If you notice, I top dressed the surface with shredded, natural, cedar bark. Hopefully this will help keep the weeds down.


I didn’t take before and after photos of the other bogs… pretty much the same story.

Here are just a few random shots of some of the fall foilage.  This first one is an AF version of the cultivar bug scoop.


Here is my DCXL apparenlty both of these are DCXL from tissue culture, they’re both big, but the coloration is different.  Not sure how they could be clones?

dcxl alata afbugschoop redcat purp leuco hummer


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16 Responses to Before… After!

  1. Mary Jane Mazur says:

    Learn something new each & every time. AF cultivar bug scoop, new one on me. The pictures are beautiful, nice to see how well everything survived. The Venus Fly Trap was amazing, so bright with it’s deep colouring. I guess I will just have to look at them from afar as it seems they do better in the ground than on my window sill.


    • Carl Mazur says:

      My flytraps had a great season this year! They all look amazing… hey, the one you have on your deck out back doesn’t look that bad! At least when I was there last 🙂

  2. Michael says:

    Looking good Carl ! Congrats on you success with completing your bogs this summer 🙂

  3. julien says:

    Nice plants! my DC XL seem to do the same thing, two divisions one next to the other and one has bright red traps, the other? Not so much

  4. sinu says:

    Looks nice! Im growing my carnivores in zone 4 and wish I could have a bog garden one day. By the way my blog is 🙂

    • Carl Mazur says:

      what do you do for the winter? BTW, can you post of photo of Dionaea muscipula’Charly Mandon Spotted’ BEL Sounds interesting!

      • sinu says:

        Seems like I stared at an old hardiness zone map. Its 5b now. I cant overwinterize my plants outside since our winter is too long and cold (read: lasts for 5 months and dips into -30C).I have to move them into basement and even then they start to wake up in February when its the coldest! Winter is never easy and summer is too short from them to cherish like in nature. Well but Im doing my best keeping them here in Finland 🙂 I gotta make a new vft and sarr update and hope I have a photo of charly somewhere.

      • Carl Mazur says:

        I know people in colder climates than 5b that grow their Sarracenia outside… however you mentioned something very important. Your season is very short. Even here, my season is too short for plants like leucophylla who really enjoy a long growing season. However, your days are very long in the summer. It would be interesting to see if that allows your plants to get all their growing in a shorter time frame. I have late season plants that flower at the same time as their relatives in the wild in Florida. Even though the plants in Florida start growing earlier, by flower time in late august, mine have caught up. I attribute that to longer hours of daylight and growth. Just a thought.

  5. sinu says:

    Yes we do experience long summer dayligh hours (19h) but in contrary we get only 5 hours in the middle of winter… A few of my sarrs and flytraps flowered this year and I tried to pollinate them. Vfts didnt succeed and my sarr seed pods are still looking very green. I think they dont have enought time to develop.If I had a greenhouse on very sunny location their growth would improve greatly.
    How cold does your winter get there? We tend to have prolonged low temperatures like 2 or 3 weeks over -20C. Here is our min max temp char if you are interested

    • Carl Mazur says:

      We actually have a pretty decent winter “generally” We’ve had one of the coldest winters on record last year. Every day in February was below 0C and we had some nights down into the low -20’s . The coldest temperature I can remember here are about -27C ish. but that isn’t often. here is what february looked like… you can see the seasonal average high and lo at the bottom of each day on the calendar, compared to the actual temperatures… That should give you some idea of what winter can be like here. The plants have no problem surviving it!

  6. Jerec says:

    I always have to stop and admire the leucophyllas as I’m scrolling through your Autumn pictures.

    I wanted to know: do you ever have any trouble with cats using your gardens as litter boxes? I recall you mentioning that you didn’t own any cats, but could neighbourhood cats burying their business in a carnivorous bog garden be considered a credible danger to the plants?

    • Carl Mazur says:

      Honestly I can’t answer that question… no one around me has any cats…and if they do, they keep them indoors 24/7. I imagine it could be an issue… right now I’ve got squirrel holes everywhere!

  7. Julian says:

    Nice outcome from a big job CM.

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