Ok so here we are… We’ve had a beautiful mild winter, mild temps most of the time, very little snow… my kind of winter!  Now the spring flowers are blooming, the shrubs are breaking bud, the magnolia flower buds are cracking, all of this about 3 weeks early I might add… and this is what I woke up to! Really?…. Oh… and it gets worse!

Now we are under a winter weather advisory … 15-20 cm’s of snow possible, at least according the oh, oh, and 50km/h wind gusts! I really thought we were done with this.  Oh… did I mention most nights over the next 10 days are forecast below freezing! Infact Monday night -9C …. say goodbye to all the spring flowers!!!!

Oh… they named the storm URSULA! Like I care! Hey maybe something positive will come out of this… maybe they’ll cancel school buses and I won’t have any kids to teach tomorrow! Just finding that silver lining!


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5 Responses to Really!

  1. That’s a total bummer! I hope this passes quickly and nothing is bothered by the cold.

  2. Mary Jane Mazur says:

    Wonderful post-really? You got it. It’s really a surprise, to get this cold now. A few snow flurries, but these temps. Will the bogs be able to bounce back? Here’s hoping.


  3. Darrell says:

    Hopefully the snow will insulate/buffer the low temperatures a bit. Total bummer indeed.

  4. tommyr says:

    I feel your pain. We got more snow in the past 4 days (About 3-4 inches total) than we got ALL winter (about 1-2″ total until this week!). Some T’d off Mother Nature!

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