Its been chilly!


Normally I post some glorious photo of the bogs or something before I start writing… but this time there is no need for a photo. So what’s with the photo you ask?  Its a random late spring photo from a few years back! I have to put something up!

After coming through an amazingly mild winter, we’ve been dealing with a very cool spring.  We recorded temp a high of only -2C back on April 4th, and low of -9C on April 5th… crazy! But generally we’ve been around 8-15C for highs.  With that… there is not much moving!!!  Some of my Sarracenia have 10cm flower scapes… but that’s about it. Everything else looks pretty sleepy!

So what can tell you about?  Well I cleaned everything up for the spring since my last post.  All the pine needles have been removed and the dead material has been removed from the plants and I’ve been plugging up squirrel holes as is common practice this time of year. Really, that’s about it!  I know… boring!

I’m happy to report that every plant, including out planted seedlings came through just fine this winter. Everything looks fresh and healthy. If we get out this cool weather pattern, hopefully things will start moving! But according to the 10 day forecast… nothing above 18C, it will be slow but steady.


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5 Responses to Its been chilly!

  1. Michael says:

    Yup same here, from your 10 cm flower scapes I’m about 1 week behind you but all is well no casualties, thank Mother Nature for the mild winter, hopefully the small divisions I bought last year will get a good foot hold this season, thanks again to the mild winter. & thanks for keeping us posted Carl 🙂

  2. Mary Jane Mazur says:

    I know where you are coming from. We open the door to find it still cold & close it again. Hopefully May will bring us the warm weather we need to get out there & prepare the gardens. We did yesterday cut the grass for the first time. Better days ahead.


  3. sinu says:

    At least good to hear you didn’t get major losses! We actually have very warm 2 weeks here in VA (I’m working at Meadowview Biological Reseach Station) but not we’re kinda stuck in rainy and coold weather period. Well if I compare the situation here and my plants back in FInland it’s a huge difference! 🙂 Do you have thoughts of what’s your summer weather is going to be?

    • Carl Mazur says:

      That’s awesome that you’re at Meadowview… Say hello to Phil for me. We are stuck in that same cool damp pattern here as well… its like spring is on hold!

      As for summer. I don’t know… we’re forecast to have a warmer than normal summer here. Typically summer’s are warm an humid, temperatures can get as high as 37 or 38C at points.. but thats not the normal. The average high for July around 27-28C and August about 26C give or take…

      • sinu says:

        Heh. You know Phil? Hes awesome person! You don’t always get to known people that ambious than he is! 🙂

        Both Phil and Rich have told be this weather should more likely occur in March. However its way more interesting here than in Finland. Everything is so green and wildlife arounds you plus all those plants!! I’m deeply enjoying my stay here.

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