37 to 37 in 12!


Let me explain the title… 12 days ago, the low temperature for that night was 37F. There were spots that morning with snow flurries! That was May 16th.  Granted it got up into the high teens (C) that day, but it started of cold. Since then, the last half of May has been exceptionally warm… we hit 37C (98F) this afternoon, crushing the previous record of 28C (83F) back in May of 1991, but since that cold morning 12 days ago, we’ve been very mild for May…

A couple of weeks ago, there really wasn’t much to report on out in the bogs, today I can say the spring show is in full swing!


The flytraps have been growing like crazy… and I don’t know if you can see the tall thin green leaves springing up in spots… I think those are calopogon orchids. I sprinkled seed in there a few years back… this year they are going to flower for the first time!


This is S.x waccamaw.  Look at the deep red color of the pitchers already!  This will be something else I’ll have to follow as the season moves on!


Here is one of the only purpurea ssp purpurea that do well for me.  This one is native to Delaware in the USA. Purpurea from more northern latitudes don’t seem to handle the summer heat here and pooch out… This plant on the other hand does very well.  One of my favorites.


Sarracenia oreophila is another favorite.  This plant pitchers before it flowers, like S. minor. Never was quite sure why.  My guess is that they have a very short growing season, so the pitchers open first to get an early start on eating… before the flowers attract them away from the leaves!


Not what hybrid this is off hand… I suppose I should have checked the tag… beautiful colored flowers through.

And finally (sorry for the bad photo) is a new hybrid to my collection that I made myself last year.  This is an AF catesbaei.  The female parent was the AF purpurea venosa plant and the male was from the SW Georgia AF flava.  The purpurea is quite vigorous of a grower and the flava is quite weak… it produce only 2 or 3 pitchers a season and they are only 30-40 cms in size. So I’m hoping this plant will get the vigor of the mom!

I have a bunch of them… so I’ll grow them out and see which clone(s) is best. This will an amazing contrast to a catesbaei that I’ve posted about here that I made with the pure red Blackwater flava and a pure red NC purpurea venosa.


I hope all you outdoor growers have a great season!


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5 Responses to 37 to 37 in 12!

  1. Lois says:

    hope that AF catesbaei grows well for you. looks like a winner. I’m willing to take the some of the unchosen ones off you hands .

  2. Julian says:

    Great start to the season. May the plants live long and prosper!

  3. Mary Jane Mazur says:

    Amazing! The plants are exceptionally beautiful. I love the hybrid, the color is striking. After a little late start, it definetly was worth the wait. Kudos to the beautiful bogs you created.


  4. Glad to see things are picking up for you Carl great post 🙂

  5. Dennis says:

    Hi Carl,
    I read on a forum that you were interested in selling some of your plants. Is that still something you are interested in? I’m local and looking for 1 adult fly trap to start with.

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