Welcome 2017

Well folks another year is upon us… and I’ve decided to make some changes here in Zone6b.  Last year I was talking about transitioning from WordPress over to Facebook.  However, after thinking long and hard about it… well actually not really long or hard, I’ve decided to do both.

There is a lot of information here that I’ve been posting over the years and the feedback I’ve been getting is the information is a valuable resource, especially to folks thinking of moving their plants outdoors.  At the same time… having a FB Group allows for people to quickly and easily share photographs and best practices and share experiences with other growers. WordPress is a more one way communication, me to you… where FB is open communication between everyone!  Both platforms have their merrits and both I think are worth maintaining.

That said, I will continue to post here on my blog this year as well as share photos and information on my FB group.

If you search up Zone6b on FB you should find the group, failing that, here is direct link.


I hope that those of you who have subscribed here will also join my FB group. Happy 2017!


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4 Responses to Welcome 2017

  1. Lois says:

    Hey Carl. I will be watching you on Facebook. I love these word press updates. hope this year is good to you. may you have a healthy, happy and profitable year.Lois

  2. tommyr says:

    Keep in mind that some of us (me included) don’t do Facebook.

  3. Rick Meyer says:

    Hello! I’ve been growing sarracenia for a while and have always put my plants in my garage. I grow in pots. What are my chances of survival leaving them outside during winter heavily mulched and insulated. (Still in pots.) I live 30 minutes south of Kansas City. Spring Hill, KS.

    • Carl Mazur says:

      a friend of mine around the corner her in Niagara Falls did just that. he likes them up in his yard and covered them with burlap and munched them. Not sure what he munched with… but I suggest pine straw… it’s the best for as it breathes…

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