So I don’t have any photos to post… cause honestly, nothing is really happening.

As I mentioned, we had a very mild winter, with very little snow and even less cold.  It was indeed a nice treat!  It was so mild infact, that a fig tree that we have planted at the school where I teach suffered NO freeze damage at all! All the leaf buds are growing!  We didn’t wrap or protect the tree in anyway this year! Usually unprotected, it dies to the ground and has to regrow from the roots.

We had a very warm April and things started moving like crazy!  Trees and plants all leafing out a couple of weeks early… maybe even three weeks earlier than normal.  Then… it got cool… Its like May and April flipped here!  Not just here… but most of eastern North America from what I understand.

So… things have been moving super slowly for the last couple of weeks.  I really figured that by now, some of my flavas would be blooming… but they still look to be a couple of weeks away.

The good news is, although its been cool, we’ve had no frosts here, though areas around us and away from the Great Lakes did. So although our spring has been set back some, the plants have not had to deal with any damage from the cold.

The 10 day forecast is promising with some warmer temperatures on the way. Maybe we can once and for all say good bye to the cold!



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2 Responses to Slow…

  1. Mary Jane Mazur says:

    I have to agree with you. April & May seems like it’s flipped as far as temps go. Usually the blossoms show their beauty for the first week of May, just before Mother’s Day. Now it’s been wet & cold, have seen only the odd bee. Soon your plants hopefully will be up & blooming. Can’t wait to see them in bloom.


  2. Aaron Putnam says:

    Dear Carl,
    We have been experiencing similar conditions here in Maine (Zone 5a/b). As a matter of curiosity, I compared temps between Niagara and Bangor and found that they have been very similar! Sarracenia and fly traps did very well over the winter, but have been quiet during the cold and damp spring. The good news for us is that the snowmelt and spring precip have ended the severe drought that began last summer. Water tables are above average, which the plants should like as it warms up this coming week!

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