A FB Group for Cold Climate Growers

Hey Folks… nothing is better for us “cold climate” growers than being able to share experiences and best practices.  I got this note in my comment section, but wanted to make a post and make this link available.



Hello your blog has been a great inspiration for me thank you. If your interested I started a Facebook group for the more northern growers. Here’s the link, feel free to share also if you would like.


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So here we are… early July.  Everything is growing amazingly well this season.  The big divide and cleanup has certainly made a difference on the plants.  As far as maintenence goes, I’ve clipped off all the flowers… Since I didn’t make any hybrids this year, there is no sense burdening the plants with the task of making seeds.

In all the literature, they talk about issues about using “tap water” to water CP.  Well, we’ll have to see how much of a negative effect that will have on my plants.  It has been HOT and DRY here this year.  Very little snow over the winter and very little rain… Without a checking and adding up the numbers, we’ve had about 10cms of rain (if that) since April. Because of that, I’ve been watering my bogs exclusively with tap water.  There is thunderstorms in the forecast for the next few days… but they are only due to daytime heating and humidity, so they can fire up pretty much anywhere… So here’s hoping!


I love flytraps… and they are incredible this year.  I should have put something in the shot for scale, but these traps are all 25-35 mm in since!  AMAZING!  It never ceases to amaze me how well these plants do here in this climate!

I remember a teacher I had in Grade 5 (a long time ago in a classroom far far away…) telling me that he swears he saw venus flytraps growing in a relic bog near here when he was out hiking.  I remember telling him how absurd that was (likely didn’t use absurd, I was 10). First, I told him, they only grew in the coastal regions of the Carolinas and two, its WAY TO COLD HERE!  Well, point two is now mute, but as for point 1, its possible someone outplanted some… who knows!?


I’ve posted about the above plant a few times now.  Its an AF hybrid I made of AF courtii x AF mitcheliana some years back.  Clearly the purpurea parentage has shown dominance… Its not the most attractive thing, but for some reason I keep hoping that its going to do something to impress me.  You can see a white fringe on the leaf in the foreground… maybe in the fall it’ll do something!!!!




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Hands down this has to be my favorite Sarracenia flava EVER!


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37 to 37 in 12!


Let me explain the title… 12 days ago, the low temperature for that night was 37F. There were spots that morning with snow flurries! That was May 16th.  Granted it got up into the high teens (C) that day, but it started of cold. Since then, the last half of May has been exceptionally warm… we hit 37C (98F) this afternoon, crushing the previous record of 28C (83F) back in May of 1991, but since that cold morning 12 days ago, we’ve been very mild for May…

A couple of weeks ago, there really wasn’t much to report on out in the bogs, today I can say the spring show is in full swing!


The flytraps have been growing like crazy… and I don’t know if you can see the tall thin green leaves springing up in spots… I think those are calopogon orchids. I sprinkled seed in there a few years back… this year they are going to flower for the first time!


This is S.x waccamaw.  Look at the deep red color of the pitchers already!  This will be something else I’ll have to follow as the season moves on!


Here is one of the only purpurea ssp purpurea that do well for me.  This one is native to Delaware in the USA. Purpurea from more northern latitudes don’t seem to handle the summer heat here and pooch out… This plant on the other hand does very well.  One of my favorites.


Sarracenia oreophila is another favorite.  This plant pitchers before it flowers, like S. minor. Never was quite sure why.  My guess is that they have a very short growing season, so the pitchers open first to get an early start on eating… before the flowers attract them away from the leaves!


Not what hybrid this is off hand… I suppose I should have checked the tag… beautiful colored flowers through.

And finally (sorry for the bad photo) is a new hybrid to my collection that I made myself last year.  This is an AF catesbaei.  The female parent was the AF purpurea venosa plant and the male was from the SW Georgia AF flava.  The purpurea is quite vigorous of a grower and the flava is quite weak… it produce only 2 or 3 pitchers a season and they are only 30-40 cms in size. So I’m hoping this plant will get the vigor of the mom!

I have a bunch of them… so I’ll grow them out and see which clone(s) is best. This will an amazing contrast to a catesbaei that I’ve posted about here that I made with the pure red Blackwater flava and a pure red NC purpurea venosa.


I hope all you outdoor growers have a great season!


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Slowly… but surely!


Well… its been a slow cool spring here in zone6b! Everything is greening up nicely now!

I love these little iris’ (Iris verna), they are always the first blooms in my bogs.

All the Sarracenia are sending up flower scapes now… and the oreophilas are sending up pitchers.  Should have some flowers on the Sarracenia in the not too distant future… just need some more warmth!


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Its been chilly!


Normally I post some glorious photo of the bogs or something before I start writing… but this time there is no need for a photo. So what’s with the photo you ask?  Its a random late spring photo from a few years back! I have to put something up!

After coming through an amazingly mild winter, we’ve been dealing with a very cool spring.  We recorded temp a high of only -2C back on April 4th, and low of -9C on April 5th… crazy! But generally we’ve been around 8-15C for highs.  With that… there is not much moving!!!  Some of my Sarracenia have 10cm flower scapes… but that’s about it. Everything else looks pretty sleepy!

So what can tell you about?  Well I cleaned everything up for the spring since my last post.  All the pine needles have been removed and the dead material has been removed from the plants and I’ve been plugging up squirrel holes as is common practice this time of year. Really, that’s about it!  I know… boring!

I’m happy to report that every plant, including out planted seedlings came through just fine this winter. Everything looks fresh and healthy. If we get out this cool weather pattern, hopefully things will start moving! But according to the 10 day forecast… nothing above 18C, it will be slow but steady.


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Ok so here we are… We’ve had a beautiful mild winter, mild temps most of the time, very little snow… my kind of winter!  Now the spring flowers are blooming, the shrubs are breaking bud, the magnolia flower buds are cracking, all of this about 3 weeks early I might add… and this is what I woke up to! Really?…. Oh… and it gets worse!

Now we are under a winter weather advisory … 15-20 cm’s of snow possible, at least according the weather.com oh, oh, and 50km/h wind gusts! I really thought we were done with this.  Oh… did I mention most nights over the next 10 days are forecast below freezing! Infact Monday night -9C …. say goodbye to all the spring flowers!!!!

Oh… they named the storm URSULA! Like I care! Hey maybe something positive will come out of this… maybe they’ll cancel school buses and I won’t have any kids to teach tomorrow! Just finding that silver lining!


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